Gay Trump Supporter Kissing His Boyfriend Enrages Progressives

T.J. Chang who is an avid Trump supporter judging by a recent Tweet wishing the the 45th president a Happy Birthday and thanking him for “fighting for our rights,” while kissing his boyfriend in a boat with a huge Trump 2020 flag flying in the background.

It seemed particularly pernicious given that the Supreme Court just passed LGBT Equality in the workplace while the Trump administration just rolled back Obama era Executive Orders protecting transgender folks.

Chang describes himself as,”Gay and Conservative in LA. All my opinions are based on facts, not what I see on social media. Tech Entrepreneur, Football, Fitness, Country Music, and Travel on his Twitter account which he’s made protected since the backlash he’s received from the Tweet.

Earlier this year he questioned Kamala Harris about why calling the coronavirus “the Chinese virus” is any different than calling the Flu Pandemic of 1918 the “Spanish flu.”

That’s the tea for Monday night kids.