Gay Beer Founders: ‘Is This Going To Make me Gay? If You’re Lucky, Yes’

Finally, Gay Beer is here. It’s a craft beer, owned by a same-sex couple and marketed to the LGBTQ community and it’s called Gay Beer.

According to Forbes: “Upon hearing the name, or seeing the brand logo, many people crack the same joke. “That’s the one of the first questions we get,” co-founder Jon Moore says. “Is this going to make me gay? If you’re lucky, yes.”

Gay Beer founders and real-life couple Jon Moore and Jason Pazmino. JOHN ARSENAULT / GAY BEER

“It doesn’t make you gay, it makes you a better person,” co-founder Jason Pazmino quips.

Gay Beer came about because the partners saw a lack of brands directly marketing to their community, outside of once-a-year Gay Pride stints. “We know what a powerful drinking base we are,” Pazmino says. “There is direct marketing during Pride month, but we’re year-round. No one has done a mainstay product that markets to us.”

Check out their site here.


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