Fran Liebowitz Walks Back Comments Saying Trump Deserves the Fate of Saudi Journalist Khashoggi: WATCH

Last night on the online overtime segment of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, writer, comedian, and gay icon, Fran Liebowitz said she regretted joking that Saudi Arabia should “get rid” of President Trump like it did to Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Fran Liebowitz photographed by Christopher Peterson, 2007. CC BY 2.0

“I saw your face when I said it,” Liebowitz told Maher on the “Overtime” segment that is filmed after the program. “I didn’t realize that I had said it. I had 12 cups of coffee. I regret saying it.”

“I mean, it’s a live show. You really don’t want to see the president dismembered by the Saudis. I don’t like Donald Trump either,” Maher said, defending Liebowitz. “No matter who the president is, we don’t want physical harm.”

Watch the segment below.

The Hill reported:

Khashoggi was killed after going inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey last year. U.S. and international intelligence agencies determined that that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman authorized the slaying. Trump was criticized for failing to condemn bin Salman and questioning his involvement. 

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