Faye Dunaway’s Gay Assistant Says She Used His Sexual Orientation to ‘Demean and Humiliate Him at Work’

20 MAY 2016 – Faye Dunaway attends ‘The Last Face’ Premiere during the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival – SHUTTERSTOCK

IT’S BEEN a rough summer for aging icon Fay Dunaway. First she was fired from her play Tea at Five that was bound for Broadway. Now according to USA Today, “ the Oscar winner is being sued by her former assistant, who alleges verbal harassment.”

In his lawsuit Michael Rocha, who says he worked with Dunaway while she was rehearsing for the play “Tea at Five,” alleges the Oscar winner used his sexual orientation to “demean and humiliate him at work.”

USA TODAY reached out to Dunaway’s rep for comment. 

Rocha filed a suit against the actress in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday, according to NBC News and Fox News.

In papers filed, the outlets report, Rocha says he worked out of the actress’ apartment in New York, alleging that Dunaway “regularly and relentlessly” subjected him to demeaning tirades.

In court documents Rocha says the actress called him and other workers “little gay people” in early May and claims to have video of Dunaway referring to him as “a little homosexual boy.” 


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