Colorado Police Officer Involved in ‘Inappropriate Photos’ at Site of Elijah McClain’s Death Resigns: WATCH

The Aurora, Colorado police officer that was involved in “inappropriate” photos near the site where 23-year-old Elijah McClain was murdered at the hands of the police has resigned.

According to NBC News, “The police department announced on Twitter Thursday that officer Jaron Jones “tendered his resignation.” Jones had been with the department since October 2016. “Jones was one of the employees involved and depicted in the photograph investigation related to #ElijahMcClain. We will continue to update w/developments as we proceed,” the tweet read.


Jones and multiple officers from the Aurora Police Department were placed on paid leave after the allegations were reported to internal affairs last week.

Aurora police interim chief Vanessa Wilson did not provide details about the pictures and did not say where they were taken.

“I immediately ordered Internal Affairs to make this investigation their top priority,” Wilson said in a statement. “This accelerated investigation was completed this evening.”

Wilson said that the investigation, which included reports and photographic evidence, “will be publicly released in its entirety promptly upon its conclusion.”

McClain was stopped by police Aug. 24 2019, after someone called to report a suspicious person.

Officers applied a chokehold during the confrontation, authorities have said. Another worker called to the scene administered a fatal dose of the tranquilizer Ketamine, even though he was not resisting arrest, and since their body cams were turned off is in dispute.

McClain went into cardiac arrest and was later taken off life support. The coroner did not rule out whether the police chokehold, in addition to the sedative, might have contributed to the death.

Police said in a statement at the time that “the male would not stop walking down the street from the officer” and “resisted contact, a struggle ensued, and he was taken into custody.”

His death has sparked protests, and in June, Gov. Jared Polis appointed a special prosecutor to investigate his death.