Dave Chappelle’s Take Down of Jussie Smollett is Going Viral: WATCH

IN DAVE CHAPPELLE’S new Netflix comedy special Sticks & Stones, no one is spared his sharp commentary and wit. But his vivisection of the alleged racial attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett might be Chappelle at the height of his prowess.

Chappelle had gotten in trouble for making similar remarks when the incident occurred thanks to what he labeled was a journalist in the audience who took meticulous notes. Back then, according to New Now Next,  he said, “Smollett had, in Chappelle’s words, faked the attack against him to stay on Empire. Chappelle joked that it made him so mad he wanted to break a dollhouse over the star’s head, referencing one of the jokes that brought criticism to Hart.”

And he double downs on his Smollett smack down here. Chappelle derisively refers to the disgraced actor, in a French accent, as “Juicy Smoo-yay”: “You see, Juicy Smoo-yay is gay and he is black. Not just French. Oh, it was a crazy story. . . . Two white men came out of the shadows with MAGA hats on and beat him up.”

Everybody was furious, especially in Hollywood. . . . “Justice for Juicy” and all this sh**. . . . For some reason, African Americans, we were like oddly quiet. . . . What they didn’t understand is that we were supporting him with our silence. Because we understood that this n****** was clearly lying. None of these details added up at all. . . . “Hey man, aren’t you that f***** n***** from Empire?” What the f***? Does that sound like how white people talk? . . . It sounds like something that I would say! . . . If you a racist and homophobic you don’t even know who this n***** is! You don’t watch Empire. . . .

Black people never feel sorry for the police, but this time we even felt sorry for the police. . . . [voice of police officer] “Okay, you left the house at 2 a.m., it’s minus 16 degrees. You were walking, you were walking. All riiiight. And . . . and where were you going? Subway. Sandwiches? . . . That’s when the men approached you . . . what did they have on? MAGA hats? MAGA hats in Chicago. . . . [aside to another police officer] Find out where Kanye West was last night. . . .

He said they put a rope around his neck. Has anyone here ever been to Chicago? All right, so you been there. Now tell me, how much rope do you remember seeing? . . . Like when did you get mugged, n*****, 1850? Who’s got rope? . . . Not only were they not white, they were very, very black. They were Nigerian, which is the funniest sh**. The whole story is funnier now! [in exaggerated Nigerian accent] “This is MAGA country, you f***** n*****!”

Watch the clip below.


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