Chief Buffalo Official Tells Citizens Not to Turn to Cocaine During the Coronavirus Crisis AND Wash Your Hands

Responding to a spike in fentanyl laced cocaine related drug overdoses in the city of Buffalo, New York, since self quarantining began, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz urged citizens to put the straws down and wash their hands at a press conference recently that has made him something of a social media star.

Above: Mark Poloncarz

According to the Buffalo News, “Poloncarz said that many people believe there is no harm in cocaine, due to the recreational nature of the drug, but added that most overdoses were from cocaine laced with fentanyl, which is more addictive because it is opioid-based. ‘Your body’s not used to (fentanyl) if all you’ve ever done before is cocaine,” Poloncarz said. “This is not a way to relieve your stress by going to cocaine.’ He said many people thought they were just doing cocaine, rather than the hybrid of cocaine and fentanyl. He also reminded people that the Erie County addiction hotline is available 24/7 at 831-7007.”

PoloncThe Unofficial Mark Poloncarz Fan Club for Cool Kids ONLY

Poloncarz’ talking points have elicited a FB page dedicated to him (The Unofficial Mark Poloncarz Fan Club for Cool Kids ONLY), over 30K followers on Twitter, and has launched a thousand memes (see below).


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