Check Out this Amazing Aerial Photo of a Snow-Capped Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus looms large in mythology, comics, and every nerd’s brain.

It also looms large in reality as this amazing aerial photo captured by Kostas Rossidis of the Hellenic Seaplane Association as a way to mark “World Snow Day,” shows.

The translation of the caption reads, “World snow day today Sunday 19 January and kostas rōssídēs photographed snowy Olympus from an airplane, whose peaks were above the thick mattress of low fog and fog.”

According to The Greek Reporter, “World Snow Day, an initiative of the World Ski Federation (FIS) was celebrated on January 19. An array of events were organized on that day at ski resorts in many countries. Mount Olympus’s Mytikas peak rises to a majestic 2,918 meters, or around 9,573 feet, and is the highest point in all of Greece. August 2nd marks the anniversary of the first time it was climbed successfully in 1913, and every year tens of thousands of people travel to the mountain to climb it. The Olympus region was declared Greece’s first national park in 1938.”

The aim of the act was  “the preservation in perpetuity of the natural environment of the region, i.e. of wild flora, fauna and natural landscape, as well as its cultural and other values.”

The entire area around Mt. Olympus was proclaimed ‘Biosphere Reserve’  in 1981 by UNESCO.

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