‘Caged’ Is a Gay Coming of Age Film

And no, it’s not a BDSM film about chastity.

Caged (Uitgesproken) is a gay short film co-written and co-directed by Dutch filmmaking brothers Dylan Tonk and Lazlo Tonk. Like many award-winning gay shorts, the story centres around two teenage boys.

In Caged, Dutch highschoolers David and Niels are running track partners, but Niels is hiding the fact that he is gay and will not partake in the bullying of the gay friend of David’s girlfriend. How will David react when he discovers that his best bud is lying to him?

It is in Dutch with English subtitles.


Dylan and Lazlo Tonk’s Caged is a sweet and surprising short film. Cage forms part of Boys on Film 13: Trick & Treat.


You can watch all the films below and Cage after the jump.


Watch the full short film Cage below.

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