Buttigieg Plan Would Make College Tuition Free for Those Making Less Than $100K

Pete Buttigieg unveiled an economic plan on Friday via Twitter that promises free tuition at four-year public colleges for Americans earning under $100,000.

CBS News reports that, “Buttigieg’s plan to improve college affordability includes a $500 billion investment and a breakdown of tuition costs according to a family’s income. The plan says that 80% percent of families who make less than $100,000 per year and have students who attend public institutions would attend college for free.”

Buttigieg has long advocated for free college tuition for low- and middle-income students during the presidential race and for upper class families to pay full college tuition costs.

“I just don’t believe that all of us, especially low income people should be paying to cover the very last dollar, even for the child of a billionaire, going to a college,” Buttigieg said at the Black Economic Alliance Presidential Forum in June. “I think if you’re a child of a billionaire you can take care of yourself, and you ought to be able to pay some tuition.”


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