Buttigieg Boosts Biden’s ‘Grassroots’ Fundraising with $1M Haul

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden got a huge boost in “grassroots” fundraising from Pete Buttigieg who helped the formerly cash strapped former Vice President tremendously.

According to Politico: “Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are co-hosting the former vice president’s first “grassroots” fundraiser during the coronavirus pandemic — bringing in $1 million for a campaign that initially struggled to attract small-dollar donations. More than 35,000 people signed up for the Friday afternoon event, after Biden and Buttigieg sent the fundraising request to their respective email lists. The average donation was $26, according to a source close to the organizers.”

Biden’s once cash-strapped campaign is now raking in big money as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, even as he’s been forced to rely on virtual fundraisers during the pandemic. Biden, along with the Democratic National Committee, nearly matched President Donald Trump’s fundraising haul last month.

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