British Hip-Hop Artist Mr. Strange Comes Out in New Video, Says ‘A Lot of Hate Comes with Being a Gay Rapper’

Mr. Strange, the first openly gay male rapper in the UK,  said in a recent YouTube video that “They,” people in drill/trap genre, “think because I’m gay that I can’t bully tracks.”

Being the first openly gay male rapper in the UK drill/trap genre and opening up about his sexuality in the track was important to him. “I’ve had people message me saying they came out after watching my video,” Mr Strange told BBC 1Xtra presenter Reece Parkinson.

He says “nobody questions homophobia” in rap and even his favorite rappers are guilty of it. “I can’t say I wouldn’t listen to a song if it had homophobic lyrics, but as a fan it is disappointing.”

He doesn’t condemn those artists though, noting, “There’s always that chance of streams going down, of tickets not being sold. Nobody wants to be the first person to endorse something that could potentially ruin their career.”

Strange was inspired to come out by American artists in the rap game like Tyler the Creator and in particular Lil Was X.

“Being gay’s looking long, I should’ve just kept it in,” he raps in the viral video.

“Always say it gets better, I won’t tell you the cost, you won’t believe if I told you how many friends I lost.”

Strange continued to say that while fellow out rapper Lil Nas X isn’t someone he personally listens to, he commends him for coming out at the height of his success.

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