Gay Couple Propose in Front of Their Hero Brie Larson at Ace Comic-Con

Brie Larson was having a photo taken with the two gay fans at Ace Comic Con over the weekend when one of the men unexpectedly got down on one knee. John Chambrone was the man who decided to propose to his boyfriend at the event. Writing online after his surprise proposal, he said that he knew proposing to his boyfriend Richard Owen while with Brie Larson would be the perfect moment.

The couple’s first “real date” was to see Captain Marvel.

Cahambrone posted the text of the letter he sent to Larson.

“Sorry to ‘ambush’ you with the proposal, but there is a reason why once I knew we were going to meet you, that it would be the perfect opportunity to pledge my love to Richard Owen and promise to love him forever,” he wrote.

“Ever since I was a kid, Carol Danvers has been my favourite character in the comics. From her debut as Ms Marvel, through her Binary and Warbird years and finally full circle as the mighty Captain Marvel, I have followed her adventures and your portrayal of her was so on point!

“I met Richard earlier this year and once our eyes locked for the first time, we both knew we found our soulmates.”

He went on to reveal that their first “real date” together was to see Captain Marvel.

“The movie meant a lot to us and I was so glad that he now shares my passion for the greatest superhero in all the known universes.”


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