Brice Armstrong, Narrator of ‘Dragon Ball Z’, is Dead at 84

Actor Brice Armstrong, the beloved narrator of Dragon Ball Z has  passed away at 84.

According to Hypebeast, “Known mostly for his narration of the stateside version of the Dragon Ball Z, Armstrong was also the voice for characters in the DBZ series; Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug, specifically. Most fans will remember his booming, deep narration voice and ability to vary his vocals to fit the needs of the anime. Talent agency Mary Collins Agency even recalls a time when veteran “voice actor” James Earl Jones even complimented the vocalist, staying “I wish I had your vocal control.”

Confirming the sad news of his death, Mary Collins Agency said in a statement:

I’m sad to say we lost a dear client and friend, voice actor Brice Armstrong, on Friday, January 10th, 2020. He died of natural causes at his home at age 84. Although many of you might not know Brice’s work, as he retired in 2009, many more of you knew Brice as an exceedingly talented voice actor, and a very sweet, funny guy.

In the anime and game community, Brice is perhaps best known as the narrator for the original Dragonball series, characters Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug in Dragonball Z, as well as providing voices on Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupin III, Case Closed and many other titles.

Christopher Sabat, a Mary Collins Agency voice actor and founder of Okratron 5000, worked with and directed Brice often. ‘Brice was the kindest, funniest person I’ve ever known. He was always humble, never in a bad mood–not the attitude you’d expect from such an industry legend.

Dragon Ball is a Japanese media franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. It was said to be initially inspired by classical Chinese novel Journey to the West, as well as martial arts films from Hong Kong.

The series follows Son Goku who spends his childhood and onwards training in martial arts, until he meets a girl named Bulma, who persuades him to join her in travelling the world searching for the seven orbs, known as Dragon Balls.

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