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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mary J. Blige! Essence says, “The Queen of Hip Hop Soul will celebrate her 49th birthday on January 11th and we thought it was only right to show our appreciation for the entertainer and best friend in our heads, who’s been a constant in our lives since 1992.”

The Real MJB posted on Insta, “Happy Birthday to me!!!!! Feeling great in 2020, staying focused, staying hungry, new levels and new goals. Life is so good!! I’m blessed to see another year! Let’s go!!!!”

SAVOR THE BRONX celebrates restaurant week with a variety of fine dining establishments including our fave Chef Tommy Giudice’s Kingsbridge Social Club.

WHY BOYS WEAR HATS When my hair is crazy my “Go To” is a cap.

SUPERSAD Christopher Dennis—a street performer known for portraying Superman on Hollywood Blvd. for more than 25 years—died from a lack of oxygen after crawling into a clothing donation bin while high on drugs. The Man of Steel impersonator suffocated to death as a result of blunt force trauma to his head and neck … this according to the L.A. County Coroner’s Office. The Coroner’s report also cites methamphetamine toxicity as a significant factor in his death says TMZ.

LAWD Model David Terzian demonstrates the proper way  to wear a jockstrap.

DAVID CORENSWET who made a splash in Netflix’s The Politician and is rumored to be Warner Bros. choice to play Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman in a Man of Steel reboot looked dashing on the red carpet. The actor already sounds like he’s got Kent family values writing, “TFW everybody’s focused on taking Jennifer Lopez’s picture so you just smile and pretend you got lost and wandered into the wrong awards show.
Thanks to @ralphlauren for the threads, @netflix for the show, and @goldenglobes for the invite.
And thanks @stevegranitz for taking a second away from JLo to snap this. You’re a hero. #goldenglobes #netflix#politician #hollywoodforeignpress#ralphlauren #RLpurplelabel

ON #MEGXIT “From the very first headline about her being “(almost) straight outta Compton” and having “exotic” DNA, the racist treatment of Meghan has been impossible to ignore,” says author of Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging, in the New York Times. “Those who claim frequent attacks against the duchess have nothing to do with her race have a hard time explaining these attempts to link her with particularly racialized forms of crime — terrorism and gang activity — as well as the fact that she has been most venomously attacked for acts that attracted praise when other royals did them. Her decision to guest-edit British Vogue, for example, was roundly condemned by large parts of the British media, in stark contrast to Prince Charles’s two-time guest editorship of Country Life magazine, Prince Harry’s of a BBC program and Kate Middleton’s at Huffington Post, all of which were quietly praised at the time.”

Her treatment has proved what many of us have always known: No matter how beautiful you are, whom you marry, what palaces you occupy, charities you support, how faithful you are, how much money you accumulate or what good deeds you perform, in this society racism will still follow you.

OINK Mikey Pup said it best.

GEOFFRY wishes everyone a Happy New Year… just a few days late writing, “Hits around now every year.
Been a few years since he died. Don’t worry bout the caption I know y’all just want the fuzz.”


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Hits around now every year. Been a few years since he died. Don’t worry bout the caption I know y’all just want the fuzz.

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PLANETARY SHADE Even other planets are sick of earth’s bullshit says Lach on Twitter.

MEME OF THE DAY 2 #deader

SKI IN, ROCK OUT The legendary Abbey Food & Bar has the perfect solution for keeping warm during Aspen Gay Ski Week weekend, January 17-19.  After hitting the slopes, you can stop by the luxurious W Aspen Hotel’s WET Deck for a rooftop weekend party, put on by the world famous gay bar.  All weekend long, The Abbey Food & Bar in partnership with W Hotels, is hosting the Aspen Gay Ski Week Abbey Apres Pop-Up experience featuring The Abbey’s famous cocktails and bartenders, gogo dancers, and resident DJ.

“W Hotels have always embraced the LGBTQ+ community and host amazing parties and events during marquee gay cultural moments,” said David Cooley, Founder and CEO of The Abbey Food and Bar, The Chapel and Within. “I love staying at W Hotels and am looking forward to combining The Abbey’s high-energy nightlife with W’s style and sophistication.”

“It’s our inaugural ski season at W Aspen and we wanted to do something really special to put our hotel on the cultural map,” explains Greg Durrer, General Manager, W Aspen. “W is a brand deeply invested in the LGBTQ+ community and being a big part of Aspen Gay Ski Week was very important to us. We are excited to bring the legendary Abbey Food & Bar to Aspen for the first time and share the stage with another icon of nightlife for three extraordinary days that Aspen will remember for years to come.”

MEME OF THE DAY 3 It’s punny!

BLUE BEETLE joins the Legion of Superheroes as another rumored project on superstar show runner Greg Berlanti’s plate for HBO Max. “A new scoop dropped this week and it suggests HBO Max is developing a series around The Blue Beetle with current incarnation Jaime Reyes pegged as the most likely candidate.

13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Larracuente documented his visit to Warner Bros. studios on Instagram in July, punctuated by a stack of Blue Beetle comics. A sharp-eyed fan took notice and disseminated the images on Twitter.

Just another day at the office for Larracuente.

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Just another day at the office

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Mikey Sutton served up the scoop in an exclusive to JLS Comics a few weeks ago – an associate of Lords of the Longbox – on YouTube. Sutton says Berlanti is “going cosmic” and planning a Legion adaptation that has a big budget behind it.

Watch it below.

MEANWHILE Brian Michael Bendis is batting a thousand on the new Legion of Superheroes reboot over at DC Comics. Issue 2 cementing the deal for us. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Part of the fun of Bendis’ first arc is how it utilizes familiar DC lore. Aquaman’s trident is at the center of the current arc, with three different warring factions after it. While there are plenty of new characters and adversaries to get familiar with, the past serves as an anchor. After all, part of the excitement of traveling to the future is finding out what happened to the characters we’re all familiar with and how their actions impacted the future, a future in which the world has ended twice over before the formation of the Legion. Legion of Super-Heroes is a complicated concept to get right, yet Bendis and Sook seek to make it one of DC’s A-list titles.”

FASHION HUNTING Love the Sales, the world’s leading designer discount marketplace has found the top 10 fashion items we all craved but didn’t want to pay full price for. Topping the list: The Burberry classic cashmere scarf.

1917 The Sam Mendes helmed World War One period piece is set to see big box office according to Deadline.

The Rise of Skywalker dominated in its third week of release, although 1917 will play at 3,300 locations against the sci-fi saga, which is expected to decline around 45% between $17M-$19M finally ceding the No. 1 spot to 1917 in its fourth weekend.

MIKE BLOOMBERG is willing to spend $1 billion to defeat Trump according to the New York Times.”Even if he does not win the Democratic nomination, and said he would mobilize his well-financed political operation to help Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren win in November if either is the party nominee, despite their sharp policy differences. Mr. Bloomberg’s plans would effectively create a shadow campaign operation for the general election, complete with hundreds of organizers in key battleground states and a robust digital operation, ready to be inherited by the party nominee — regardless of who that nominee may be.”

MEME OF THE DAY 4 Keep Baby Yoda clean people!

BREAKFAST IN BED Sleep in tomorrow and make yourself a Blackberry, Bacon, and Brie Grilled Cheese. Check the recipe here.

WORK OUT TIP OF THE DAY Low set numbers and high repetitions are recommended for beginners.

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