Meet the Penn State Psych Major Who Put his Professors on Blast for Stigmatizing Sex

A Penn State undergraduate student put his professors on blast for stigmatizing what he feels is his healthy attitude towards sex.


Under the Twitter handle, Angel The Fag, the sexy undergrad wrote, “they are always talking about, make sure your social media is squeaky clean for graduate programs, if there’s lewd pictures of you on the internet or strong language they’ll reject you… as a psychologist shouldn’t y’all be concerned with biases and stigmatization of sex?”

He continued, “And shouldn’t y’all be working towards teaching employers and other people in power that sex does not equal unprofessionalism.”

He then compares it to getting a tattoo or piercing.

“It’s classist, at times racist, and oppressive. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.” #MicDrop

#GAYNRD spoke to Angel aka Jordan via Twitter about why he’s so passionate about these issues.

Originally from a small conservative town called Etters, in Pennsylvania, Jordan is currently an undergraduate psychology major at Penn State University. Jordan says The Angel the Fag Twitter handle “came from my followers on here actually! They kept calling me angel so I just added the fag, it seemed like a fun little name.”

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