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TACO TUESDAY #GayNrd’s round up of the best art, news, comics, and social media for Tuesday April 6th, 2021. Above: Luke Cage says NO to guns and the American Military-Industrial Complex in Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #7 (1972).

TWEET OF THE DAY Jack’s cow convo.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK via the Washington Post: Easter at the White House.


MOVING UP Pete Davidson has officially moved out of his mother’s basement and purchased his own luxury condo for $1.2 million — just before the new year, The New York Post can report.   The move comes four years after he snagged a $1.3 million Staten Island abode in 2016 for his mom, Amy Waters. Davidson, 27, had been living in the basement of the home until December, when he moved into a high-rise. But he is still remaining close to home.

During a Zoom call posted to TikTok over the weekend, Davidson revealed that he got a new place.  “I just moved out of my mom’s house,” he said as he scrambled for his keys. He added as he walked in, “I’m fully out. I got a pad.”

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ICYMI The season four trailer of Star Trek: Discovery dropped Monday and it was 🔥. A gravitational anomaly five light years across threatens the known universe. “Captain Burnham make no mistake—you are in charge.”

Sonequa Martin-Greene and the rest of the cast return.

Watch the trailer below.


ART Dunerise 16 x 20 oil on wood panel by Andy Towle.


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DON’T SLEEP On Preludes & Nocturnes (classified as The Sandman, volume 1: Preludes & Nocturnes) is the first trade paperback collection of the comic book series The Sandman, published by the DC Comics imprint Vertigo. It collects issues (1–8). It is written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg and Malcolm Jones III, colored by Robbie Busch and lettered by Todd Klein. In 1916, the magician Roderick Burgess attempts to attain immortality by capturing the embodiment of Death. Mistakenly, he binds Death’s brother Dream instead. Fearing retribution, Burgess keeps Dream imprisoned, which causes a worldwide epidemic of sleeping sickness. In 1988, after Burgess has died and his son Alex has been charged with watching Dream, Dream is able to escape. Dream punishes Alex by cursing him to experience an unending series of nightmares.




CYBORG Ray Fisher opens up about Justice League, Joss Whedon, and Warners. The Hollywood Reporter says Ray Fisher is ready to talk.

Ray Fisher photographed By Imani Khayyam.

Fisher’s final word: “I don’t believe some of these people are fit for positions of leadership,” says Fisher, who explains he’s not looking for anyone to be fired. “I don’t want them excommunicated from Hollywood, but I don’t think they should be in charge of the hiring and firing of other people.” Fisher knows he’s not going to win that battle, but he feels a point has been made. “If I can’t get accountability,” he says, “at least I can make people aware of who they’re dealing with.”

SEVENTIES CHIC Gene Colon’s art for Marvel’s Dr. Strange Meets Eternity blacklight poster from 1971.

POP UP EXHIBIT Barnwood Spring 2021:A Pop-Up Gay Erotic Art Show + Sale: “Featuring men from nude to lewd.” An exhibition of homoerotic drawings, photographs, paintings, ceramics and other artworks from artists based in the Hudson Valley, New York City and beyond, has announced that it is returning in 2021. Empowering queer artists to create erotic works and connecting them directly within an engaged audience of enthusiasts and collectors, organizers are hosting three new editions of the gay erotic art show and sale, with the spring show happening April 30 – May 2, 2021 in Ulster Park, NY.


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TRAILER OF THE DAY Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One – Official Exclusive Trailer (2021) starring Jensen Ackles and Naya Rivera.

CRYPTIC explainers. A group (Jack Harlow, Pete Davidson, Chris Redd) performs a rap explaining cryptocurrency.


YAOI OF THE DAY Deku why must you be so rough? By @chrisandhedraws

TWEET OF THE DAY Third time’s a charm.

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK “Back and better.”


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