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TEEN TITANS SEASON TWO debuted Friday. It’s definitely an improvement on Season One.

THE EX-GAY CHRISTIANITY MOVEMENT IS MAKING A COMEBACK According to The Washington Post, “The effects on LGBTQ youth could be devastating.”

Some prominent Christians are quietly trying to resurrect ex-gay Christianity, and the new incarnation is hipper and perhaps more evolved. Yet beneath the cosmetic tweaks sits the same message that has damaged many lives over many decades: If you’re a Christian with same-sex attractions, change is both possible and necessary.

One of the movement’s most articulate leaders is Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, a former women’s studies professor at Syracuse University who says she “adopted a lesbian identity” in her 20s as a result of being influenced by feminist philosophy. In 1999, she converted to Christianity and swore off lesbianism after she realized that “how I feel does not tell me who I am.”

When I spoke with her, I asked if she considers herself “ex-gay,” and she said she does not use that label to describe herself but then proceeded to describe how she was once, but is no longer, a lesbian. When I asked if she believes in conversion therapy, she said she does not and then said it is “in part because heterosexual sin is no more sanctified than homosexual sin.”

SAMPSON MCCORMICK Breaks down The Kevin Hart & Lil Nas X Conversation—For Colored Gay Boys Who’ve Considered Blocking Dumb Straight N**** when explaining your sexuality is not enough.

TOM HOLLAND WENT UNDERCOVER ON REDDIT, TWITTER, & YOUTUBE On the latest episode of Actually Me, Spider-Man star Tom Holland goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube and more. Does he drink a dozen cups of coffee a day? What is his skincare routine?

TRANS MEN TELL THEIR TALES OF COMING OUT Soul Pancake invited two FTM strangers to tell their coming out stories and talk about their shared experiences. How did they handle the uncertainty of how the world would see them after coming out…

STAY RED Artist Brian Kenny wants you to stay awake this fashion week in style with his new T-SHIRT featuring one of his watercolors. Printed on a soft heavier weight ECO tee, each is made of 60% organic cotton and 4 recycled plastic bottles.  Buy it here. ❤️ #nyfw#streetstyle #redeyes

BY 2050, PLASTICS WILL OUTNUMBER FISH IN THE OCEAN That’s a nightmare we don’t want to live in.

REPRESENTATION MATTERS Novelist Brian Keith Jackson writes on IG, “If Nigel Shelby had someone like @lilnasx to look to, say it will be ok, then his beautiful spirit might still be here with us. “Who cares” or “So what?” is puerile at best, #toxicat worst. Protect our young, their voices, their joy and pain, and their ability to be free, without fear or permission.” #neverforget, #nigelshelby, #stopbullying,, #notmybarbershop, #ourstory, #represent, #rise, #repeat.



HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to our dear friend and #GayNrd Staffer DeMarco Majors.

Majors practices what he preaches (see below).

A BIT OF PUDGE IS SEXY Male weight gain, plumped up guys, etc. message him.

THE GAY COMIC GEEK Paul Charles reviews the penultimate edition of this long awaited and often delayed series from DC Comics. The world is about to go to nuclear war, there is also a possible Metahuman War about to take place with Black Adam and the superheroes of Earth are all trapped off planet. How does all of this fit together in a scheme that Dr. Manhattan devised and put together under the manipulation of Ozymandias? This issue has a lot going on and leads up the epic finale that will eventually, hopefully, come out and rock the DC world to its core. Check out his thoughts on this issue in the attached video but be warned, there a lot of spoilers!

KRISTEN STEWART WANTS TO BE A MARVEL SUPERHERO After revealing that she had been told to hide her sexuality so she could land a role in a Marvel movie, Kristen Stewart reveals to Variety  that she would love to play a gay superhero. Her Seberg co-star Anthony Mackie said that he’d support Stewart as a gay, female version of his Marvel character the Falcon or Captain America.

THE BRADY BUNCH RETURN HOME The Washington Post says, “Unlike others in their boomer and Generation X cohort  — who every day wage the epic family battle of what to do with Mom and Dad’s old house and copious belongings, while split-level suburban ramblers are sold as teardowns and thrift stores bulge with unwanted yet meaningfully meaningless mid-century bric-a-brac — the original actors who played the six stepsiblings on the ultimate ’70s sitcom “The Brady Bunch” have returned to TV to perform this emotional ritual in reverse.

The irresistibly nostalgic four-episode miniseries A Very Brady Renovation (premiering Monday on HGTV), the Brady kids reunite to assist some of the network’s stars with a massive, six-month remodeling of the house.

#ICYMI Adam Lambert’s new video “Superpower” shows he’s a hero.

SOOTHSAYER George M. Johnson is always on point.

Make sure and pre-order a copy of his beautiful new YA novel All Boys Aren’t Blue, out April 28, 2020.

CHECK OUT SUPERSTAR PHOTOGRAPHER Matthias Vriens McGrath’s new cover for MASSES! magazine. #matthiasvriensmcgrath #masses#balenciaga #schiesser #undies#peach #hairylegs #leather#photography




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