A New ‘Titans’ Emerges in Season Two: WATCH #ICYMI

MANY FANS of the Teen Titans (us included), especially The New Teen Titans, created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, found the first season of DCU’s Titans dark, joyless, and thematically a holdover from director Scott Snyder’s darker vision when was helming the overall DC Cinematic Universe.

As Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! have demonstrated, fans prefer their heroes, well heroic.

“This is a new Titans,” declares Dick Grayson, who appears to have recovered from his turn to the dark side in the season 1 finale. “There are no sidekicks in Titans. We’re partners. We have each other’s backs.”

It’s also been hinted that Grayson may take on the new identity of Nightwing this season.

At New York Comic Con last fall, Titans executive producer Geoff Johns confirmed that Titans Season 2 is a go. Not only that, they’ve already planned out the entire arc of the second season. And furthermore, they’ve already mapped out which new characters will appear.

The trailer for Season 2 reveals a more fun, and cohesive team that encompasses the most popular teen heroes that the team has featured over the years. Get your first look at Conner Kent aka Superboy, Donna Troy in a very faithful Wonder Girl costume, Aqualad (in another killer suit), Jason Todd as the second Robin, the return of Hawk & Dove, and Superboy’s best friend, the Kryptonian canine, Krypto.

Titans Season 2 will begin streaming September 6th, 2019 on DC Universe.

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