A Call to Action for Men Everywhere from a Black Father on Pride

Ted Bunch has learned more from his gay son than he ever imagined.

Bunch wrote in his heartwarming post, “Every time you speak up this month — and all year long — for the rights and equity of all LGBQ, trans and gender non-conforming people you’re helping to dismantle the heterosexism that holds the Man Box together.”

A CALL TO MEN will see you at pride events across the USA and around the world this month.

Bunch says of his son:

“If you are a father or a father figure in a young man’s life, I encourage you to consider how your collective socialization – your Man Box – might be impacting that relationship. Manhood and fatherhood are both wonderful and challenging. With the best of intentions, we can still miss the mark as a man or a father. I continue to examine my own thoughts and behaviors. I would ask all fathers and male role models to consider the ways the Man Box has shaped your thoughts about manhood, women, girls and LGBQ, trans or gender non-conforming people. Were you teased as a young boy for “throwing like a girl” (by the way, girls throw just fine!) or “crying like a b****” or dressing a certain way? Did you react to that criticism by trying to overcompensate or act more traditionally masculine? How did your relationship with your own father impact the kind of father you want to be?

“I still have so much to learn as a father – and especially as Jalen’s dad – but I believe what matters most to our children is knowing the security and love he/she/they have always received is still intact and always will be.”

Yes to all of this.

Happy Pride y’all!

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