3 Subs Talk About Chastity #TeamLocked

Locked Trent is a submissive boy into chastity, who is owned by  @Mastertaurusde.


Locked Trent told #GayNrd what he likes about being locked up is the the idea of transferring power and giving up control. “I found images of guys locking online many years ago and I got excited about the idea. I ordered a cage and I fooled around with it, but I really never got serious about it until recently.  I was struck with the #Locktober Challenge this year: the idea of staying locked for the entire month of October. I tried to lock myself up for a few days, and I got so horny and crazy that I had to give up after just three days.”

Trent says he again later in November 2019 and was able to go a whole week with the support of other online locked boys: #teamlocked.  But he decided that if he was really going to test his will power to see if he could go a whole month. To go that long he says he knew he’d need to seek out the help of a Dom.  

After doing a lot of research and looking at different Doms online, he finally found one whose work, posts, and philosophy he really respected and began an online relationship (via Twitter).  “I petitioned him to see if he would take me on as his sub.  I think he appreciated the seriousness which I put into the application and he agreed to take ownership of me.”

Trent says he had not previously engaged in any activity as a sub since “a little bit of play with an ex back in college—the relationship with my Master (Master Taurus)—began 56 days ago. I’ve now gone without cumming for 30 days.”


“I’d been for four days already, “ he says, “When I gave myself to Master.”

He says it’s been an amazing journey.  “I feel increased value for my own self, in part, because of the value Master places in me. He gives me lots of thought and attention as he has taken control of many aspects of my life. Master is in charge of my diet [Trent is forbidden sweets, junk food, soft drinks, beer, most carbs, and all alcohol Monday through Friday].”

Trent says he has given me a program of daily and weekly exercises. “He [his master] decides what underwear I should wear each day. He not only controls the fact that I’m not allowed to cum—but all sexual stimulation I may have. He ordered me to shave my body, wear a mask when communicating with him.”

Above: Trent’s second day in garters at his Master’s choice and pleasure.

“I have enjoyed or learned to enjoy mostly everything and I’ve seen so much improvement in my will power.  I’ve been able to achieve the chastity will power I never imagined (30 days already), but also, I’m in such better shape.  I’d started dieting in the fall, but this past month the results have picked up:  I’ve lost 20 pounds since starting and overall I feel great and desirable and affirmed.”

Next I spoke to Andy and Billy. Andy was new to being locked and wanted to ask Billy for advice and he learned a lot and was turned on by the conversation. Billy has been into kink play since he was 18. “I just turned full sub this past year. I used to always think I was dominant. Maybe I was. Maybe I was just projecting. But enjoying the sub role now. Haven’t really done pup play. But curious.”

Both men are married and have explored it in their respective relationships to varying degrees of satisfaction.

While Andy says he’s brand new to Pup Play.  “I’ve done exactly one scene. Deep down, I’ve always had the characteristics of a Pup, I just never put two and two  together.  I bought a pup hood just to model with on social media, then I had sex with it and it all clicked.”

He says he loves the constant horniness.  “My desire to do naughty things, post NSFW content on social media, and serve me goes sky high.”

“The hottest thing I’ve done would have to be my latest experience when first experience as a pup.  Within moments of the hood being on and the Dom addressing me as a dog, it came so naturally.  He gave me poppers, which also helped lower my guard and I felt so free.  I no longer felt like a “person”. I communicated through pup sounds, He mounted me and fucked me hard.  The poppers also really helped with my ability to take a cock hard and deep.”

Andy met his first  S/M couple on AOL, “that’s how long ago it was [laughs] they put me in the middle and trained me. Again it was more about kink than pup play.”

He doesn’t have a tail but several plugs.  “I’m currently locked by my husbands orders but not due to Locktober.”

Andy echoes his peers when he says that he likes the loss of control. “The feeling of horniness. Feeling like what matters is my top’s pleasure. Not mine. Also helps me focus on working out and improving myself.”

Andy’s biggest fantasy is to be turned into a sex object. “I want to be locked as much as possible. Made to build my body for him and be used as he sees fit. Possibly tied down and used by whoever he invites over. Not allowed to cum  without his permission the whole time.”

The two exchanged stories.

When Andy asks Billy how long he’s been locked, he says over a month. 

“Wow,” Andy says, “I’ve never made it more than a day.”

He recalls one of the kinkiest things he did in the beginning was when he went out “on a first floor awning facing the street, completely naked and dildoed myself.”

Billy says he was in a Dominant’s relationship for four years.  “He used to use me relentlessly.  I’d be nude all day, sexualized in front of his friends, made to suck them off.  He’d tap me in the nuts. When we got into piss play, he’d make me drink all of his piss for days on end.”

Billy says he loved it.

“Nice,” Andy replies, “I would love some of that. I’m not sure if my husband is  game to open the relationship.”

Andy says he’s been working with his husband to get him to be more dominant. “It’s a bit outside his normal.”

Andy: How do you feel being locked so long? And what kind of cage do you wear?

Billy: I have passed the frustration stage. I’m now so comfortable and content in my denial. I have a knock off Holy Trainer 3.0 Short.”

Andy: Do you just avoid porn or anything?

Billy: No. I look at porn all day long But getting horny just makes me want to please someone else. Not obtain orgasm.

Andy: Sorry for all the questions The pent up testosterone and horniness is almost like a high.

Billy: Don’t be sorry. I enjoy talking about it.

Andy: Feel free to ask me anything as well.

Billy: It’s like my brain is flooded with endorphins.

Andy: Do you plug?

Billy: I don’t do much butt play.I mean, I get fucked, but I have BM issues so plugging regularly doesn’t work for me.

Andy: Ah. I love plugging

Billy:I actually have to go. I’m heading to a dick date now.

Andy: What will happen on this date?

Billy: Poppers. Pup play. Throat fucking. Anal toys. Rough fucking. Maybe some bondage.

Andy: That’s hot.

Billy: He likes it. He likes that it makes me horny and submissive

Andy: “Then not so vanilla pastedGraphic_1.png.”

Billy: Hes exploring kink. Kinky or vanilla, all tops like a submissive bottom.

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